Embracing changes and setting new goals

Being born on the month of October, under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, I've always been attributed to the Element of Water. Without even realizing, water has always affected my life. I also believe that water cleanses and reenergizes the spirit, so after my trip to Pagupud, I gained an arbitrary sense of perspective and suddenly felt I finally had the courage to embrace the plans, changes and goals I've meant to pursue for a very long time.

My introspection has led me to create five simple steps to help me focus on what really matters to me.

If it's scares me or stresses me out, then that's enough reason why I should do it. For example, I dread the idea of attending social events... only to realize how much fun it was. I would always ask myself why I was so hesitant to go in the first place. I wasn't like this before, so I need to stop this way of thinking. Now, when I'm scared, hesitant or stressing out to try something new, I remind myself of Virgil Thomson's quote and gather my courage:

The feeling of getting over your fear is just incredible, and this quote has brought so much happiness in me. You don't have to force yourself to try something new for three times, but try it once at least.

Reach out. I'm an ambivert, meaning I have both extroverted and introverted tendencies. I'm outgoing and sociable but I've always been the type who prefers one-on-one friendships. I also don't mind being seen alone in public. But I have to admit, I suck at reaching out to new and existing people in my life. I thought that's an awful friendship habit, so I'm challenging myself to put a little effort and reach out. I might be able to spark a connection and build a new circle of positive and creative people. All I need to do is try.

Do more and be more. I want to pursue a lot of things. I want to write an ebook about blogging, create a personal photo book for my travels, sew pretty dresses for myself, and pursue more art activities offline. But life always happen and as a result, these projects are forced to take a back seat. This 2015, I need to take action.

With this, I've decided to turn my blog into an online resources for bloggers and creatives alike. I will still continue sharing my adventures and guides, but I'll also be rolling out fresh content starting next month to help those who wants to become a better blogger. :)

Live intently and make meaningful purchases. If 2014 was my year of travel and improving my relationships with others, I want 2015 to be about my overall well-being. I've decided that I want to live intently by embracing a simple and minimal life. It's hard considering that I'm maarte (lol) but I definitely want to spend my time more productively, to reduce my clutter (!!!), read more books and buy less.

Make time for the things you love. This one is quite challenging because we're often too caught up with other unimportant things, like checking out the lives of others on social media I'm including this here to remind myself that I need to make time. I certainly believe that the only way I can achieve anything is by making time for it.

So, these are my plans this year. What about you and your plans this year? I'd love to know your goals, as well as your thoughts about living a simpler and minimal life.

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