Hair Care Diaries: Blonde Essentials

One of the most common remarks I get in person is how healthy my blonde hair is. When you go blonde, your hair will experience irrevocable damage — something a lot of people would expect to see when I go out of the house. Nothing in this world can really save chemically-treated hair, unless you cut it, but finding the right products can help minimize the appearance of the damage. And after countless of hours researching and trying different products, I’m lucky that I have found my essentials.

Hair Care Diaries: Blonde Essentials | Kisty Mea

CLEANSE: Human Heart Nature Strengthening Shampoo. An organic made that’s made with love in the Philippines. This shampoo cleanses your hair minus the harsh chemicals because it doesn’t contain any chemical surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). Selected Human Heart Nature products are available online, Rustan’s Supermarket (Shangri-la Plaza), and Landmark (TriNoma).

CONDITION: Suave Daily Clarifying Conditioner. I like to try all kinds of brands and variants but if you’ve got oily scalp, you’ve got to try this! It’s the only oil-free conditioner I can find locally.

TONE: Clairol Shimmer Lights. This is a purple shampoo that I use to tone my hair. It keeps the brassiness at bay, and transforms pale blonde into white or silver hair. This shampoo can be very drying though, so make sure you condition your hair after each use. Clairol Shimmer Lights is not available locally, but you can order from eBay, Amazon or from Funky Streaks.

TREAT: Joico K-PAL Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor.Helga highly recommends this miracle treatment and I can see why. This product does wonder to bleached/damaged hair, and I only have to leave it for 15-30 minutes. Joico products are not available locally, so I often order mine from eBay or Amazon. WORTH. THE. INVESTMENT.

SHINE: L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil. A 5-in-1 lightweight oil that make your hair look shiny. It can also serve as a heat protectant serum. If you’re not going out for the whole day, saturate your hair with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO).

Hair Care Diaries: Blonde Essentials | Kisty Mea

So there you have it! My list of coveted hair products of the moment. If you have other hair care products you’d like me to try or you think is worth the rave, please let me know by leaving a comment below! :)