How To Stay Fresh When Traveling

I remember when I still used to live in Singapore, I would spend all of my holidays in Manila. That is how much I missed the people I left back home. I would often book a midnight flight going home, then in order to maximize the weekend, I’ll spend the whole day with family and friends without a wink of sleep. Sometimes, I’ll even squeeze in an event or two! Although the stress of delayed flights and exhaustion of not having enough sleep will tire me, I always aim to look fresh throughout the day and be Instagram-ready. Hehe. Here are some of the things and tips I try to bring and follow whenever I travel to always keep myself fresh, whether by road or on a long-haul flight:

Going on a (Long Haul) Flight

  1. Prep your skin and body before you leave. You can do this by consuming a balanced diet and do a little bit of exercise. Doing this will help ease the effect of jet lag.
  2. Always bring a moisturizer and lip balm. Other things to bring: cleansing wipes/lotion, eye cream, sunblock (yes), makeup kit, and dental kit
  3. Keep hydrated. Drink more water throughout your flight and no matter how tempting it may be, stay off alcohol.
  4. Walk around (even if it’s just going to the bathroom) to keep your blood circulating.
  5. Wear and carry pantyliners for your trip. Cramped inside a plane for several hours and sharing a tiny bathroom with 30+ passengers is never comfortable. It’s unhygienic! Wearing a pantyliner will help keep you feeling fresh throughout the flight. No stains, no wetness.

Going on a Roadtrip/When hitting the beach

  1. Always look for a broad spectrum sunblock, which protects you from both UVB and UVA rays. Do take note that the UVA rays penetrate deeper and cause aging and cancer.
  2. Apply sunblock 30 minutes before going out into the sun so your skin can absorb the ingredients. The active ingredients will last for only two hours, so reapply often.
  3. Travel with a small case of panty liners because these road trips can last for hours. You’ll never know when you need to fresh up, and sometimes, the nearest restroom is 2KM away. Wearing a pantyliner not only keeps you fresh, but also saves your underwear from unforeseen wetness and stain.
  4. For better protection from the sun, try wearing swimsuits with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) and a hat.
  5. Use baby powder to remove brush off the sand from your skin. This is so useful whenever you’re about to ride the car and don’t want the dirt to accumulate inside the vehicle.