Initial Thoughts on the Safeguard Derma Sense Facial Cleanser

Oh, summer! The perfect time to hit the beach with friends, try a new sport and visit someplace new. When I was in high school, me and my family would often go on a road trip adventure within Quezon, Batangas and Laguna. I’ve seen the colourful decorations in Lucban for the Pahiyas festival and the hidden beauty of Majayjay Falls. But I could never bring myself to post photos from my previous adventures because my face was flooded with acne. Yes, those ugly, reddish bumps that are synonymous to the death of my self-esteem. I had these pimples on various spots on my face and sometimes on my back, due to excessive sweating and sebum. It took me a really long time to win the battle against acne because when it comes to beauty products, there weren’t a lot of choices back then. Luckily, teens (and 20-somethings) today don’t have to experience the same thing because Safeguard, one of the brands I trust and believe in, has finally created a product that can provide germ protection to address acne.

Introducing the Safeguard Derma Sense, a non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic skin care line that helps fight against the major causes of acne breakouts, such as excess sebum and bacteria overgrowth. I know that there are various beauty products out there that fights acne, but what makes Derma Sense different is that it also has an antibacterial ingredient that removes the germs that cause acne.

In fact, it can help reduce acne in 89% of people and the visible reduction happens over 8 weeks (2 months)! Of course, 8 weeks is just an estimate and will depend on how severe your acne is.

The Derma Sense line comes in two variants, for Acne-Prone Skin and for Sensitive Skin, and is available in cleanser, bar, and body soap. I like that Derma Sense is being offered in different types of soap because consumers can have a choice which one they are much comfortable in using. In my case, I prefer liquid type soaps.

Anyway, I received an email last week asking if I'm interested to do a product review for the Derma Sense. Thinking that Safeguard is a brand I trust and knowing that acne is a major problem among my blog’s demographic, I said yes in the hopes that this might be the holy grail for my readers.

For this product review, I’m using the Safeguard Derma Sense for Acne-Prone skin because 1) my skin doesn’t get irritated easily and 2) I’m going to Japan for a week and could only bring one variant to test.

Safeguard Derma Sense

I’ve started using this product since May 16, 2015, and here are my thoughts and observations so far:

Derma Sense Facial Cleanser

  • The SafeGuard Derma Sense Facial Cleanser has a creamy texture and not as foamy as other cleansers. Although I don’t wear heavy makeup, I noticed that it managed to remove most of my stubborn mascara after one wash. With my previous cleanser, it normally takes more than 3 washes to completely remove the mascara using a facial cleanser.
  • It does have a tendency to dry up your skin. Fortunately, I didn’t experience any flaking for washing my face twice in a row. We’ll see in the couple of days if this observation is true, but it's something moisturiser can't fix.
  • The oiliness on my T-zone has been minimized, which I happen to love, because with this heat, it’s nearly impossible for me to have a shine-free selfie.

Derma Sense Face & Body Bar

  • Although I couldn’t feel any difference from regular Safeguard bath soaps, this product actually contains fewer ingredients. It has a faint scent of Eucalyptus, but no cooling effect on the body.

Derma Sense Face & Body Wash

  • An acne-fighting product that’s not just limited for the face, but for the whole body. Most of the products in the market are only created in treating the face, so I’m glad that there’s finally a product that can also treat acne in uncommon areas.
  • It serves as a 2-in-1 product that fights acne and germs, which is considered good news for our wallets. Although I don’t mind using this after washing myself with SafeGuard’s Derma Sense Body Bar Soap for double protection. There's also a faint scent of the Eucalyptus, but it has no cooling effect.

I know it's still too early to say, but Safeguard Derma Sense seems to deliver its promise because I haven’t found any reason to dislike this product. The only thing I’m quite certain for now is that these products are indeed non-comedogenic, and that's good in my book. I say this because whenever I use a product that are not marked as non-comedogenic (meaning they contain comedogenic ingredients), I always get pimples the very next day.

Safeguard Derma Sense

Over the next few weeks, I'll be using these products and see if there's any difference or improvement on my skin. I may not have pimples, but I do have a lot of blackheads, so I'll look closely into that. And I hope you could join me to clearer, beautiful skin by trying Safeguard Derma Sense today!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Safeguard in conjunction with Nuffnang Philippines. Please note that all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are completely my own and have not been influenced by my sponsors.