How To Apply for a Japan Tourist Visa

In 2011, the Embassy of Japan did not grant my visa application to visit their marvelous country. For someone with wanderlust in their DNA and a third-world passport, not being able to travel was naturally heartbreaking. But looking back, I consider that moment a blessing in disguise. If my application never got rejected, I wouldn't be made aware of the discrepancies in my birth certificate. I wouldn't be able to visit Europe either. Sometimes, I'm amazed at how life works in such grandeur scheme. This year, while processing the correction of my birth certificate, I've decided to apply for Japan again. And guess what? I'm finally going to Japan!

So what's the key takeaway here? Submit original and authentic documents when applying for a visa. If there's any discrepancy, have it legally corrected. If you need a lawyer, let me know.

How to Apply for a Japan Tourist Visa Without a Guarantor

Japan's list of requirements is meticulous and conditional, which means you need to submit supporting documents if you meet a certain criterion or you're applying for a different visa type. These supporting documents are stated on the Embassy's official website.

  • Application Form
  • Current Valid Passport — For Japan, old passports are not needed
  • Application ID Photo — 45mm x 45mm, do not staple on application form
  • Birth Certificate — Must be issued by NSO within one (1) year. — If it's a "Late Registration", you need to must submit a Baptismal Certificate and Form 137, and the address and contact details of your church and school.
  • Bank Certificate
  • Income Tax Return — If this is not available, a Certificate of Employment will do. It should state your current position, annual income, the length of service and approved leaves. — If CoE or ITR is neither available, a letter of explanation is okay.
  • Sample Itinerary Click here to download our sample itinerary. If you want to know how to apply for a UK Visa, read this.

Where to apply?

In the Philippines, you can only apply through Japan Embassy's accredited agencies. Visa fee is gratis (free) but these accredited agencies will charge a visa handling fee depending on your application type. Here's a list of some of the accredited agencies and their fees for tourist visas:

Rajah Travel Corporation - PHP1500
Friendship Tours and Resorts - PHP1,200
Reli Tours & Travel Agency - PHP900
Discovery Tour, Inc. - PHP800