Life Resolutions

New Year is a symbolism of hope for a fresh start and new beginnings. Every year, some of us would write a list of resolutions, hopes and dreams to accomplish for the next 12 months. Some resolutions we forget, some we keep for the rest of our lives. Like them, I also hope to resolve and accomplish a couple of things. Only this time, I aim to make it a lifetime commitment and not bound by annual events. 

  1. Let go of the negativity, especially towards people I dislike. I know it’s none of my business of what others think about me, but I just wish some people have the decency to do it in private. But I’ve come to realized that negativity begets negativity, and the last thing I want to happen is become like them.
  2. Let go of worries, doubts and fears about the future. I am at that stage where I’m lost, confused and a little bit scared of the future. We all go through that, but self-doubt and worry won’t do us any good.
  3. Stop spending my blog savings. I will never again underestimate the earnings I get from blogging. This time, I’m going to save it all.
  4. Stop eating unhealthy food on a regular basis. McDonald’s once, twice, thrice or 24/7 a week is bad. Learn to eat better on a regular basis.
  5. Learn how to cook. In relation to Item #4, I also need to learn how to cook. I hate cooking but it's a skill I need for survival, lol
  6. Learn something new. I hope to make websites like Duolingo and CodeAcademy a routine permanently.
  7. Execute a project and do it regularly. Do it every day if possible!
  8. Make art every day/week. I need to write, sketch, paint and design more often.
  9. Read at least one book per month. I am not much of a bookworm, but I hope this monthly goal can change that.
  10. Travel locally and abroad, at least once. Ideally to a place I’ve never been before, like El Nido in Palawan! :)
  11. Keep trying. At everything. Learn from my own mistakes and try again.
  12. Be positive and always see the silver lining. I will push for positive thoughts in every challenging situation.

have you thought about your resolutions for 2014? I would really love to hear yours! 

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