November In A Nutshell

Life has been all about...

Work, work, work.
The Pastel Palette on Instagram
A new appreciation for interior design and photography
The need to disconnect
Receiving new phones and take plentiful of selfies
DSCO and Snapchat
Getting my 2nd South Korea Visa
Receiving my paycheck and making wise decisions #adulting
Terribly missing my boyfriend
Replacing and upgrading my Macbook Air's SSD
Conversations with people
Planning outfits for our upcoming winter trip to Seoul

I don't know if anyone really noticed but I've fallen behind on blogging here. I am now the managing editor of this new design blog and things got so busy, that I've ended up neglecting my own platform. Juggling two jobs is hard. My work for both blogs has piled up that it's starting to feel like a chore! Even if my current job is not full-time, all that conceptualizing is so exhausting. I guess this is one of those moments you grow tired of blogging, like a blogger burnout or something. I'm sure that in no time I'll get out of this slump, and maybe this new theme will help pick up the pace. Haha!


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