On Turning 25 & Life Bucket List

Today, I'm officially 25 years old! Wow! Twenty-five and I still don’t know how to cook sinigang! Haha. The idea of being 25 feels liberating because it marks a lot of things, particularly the fact that I am no longer obligated to do or follow what other people say. Growing up, I'm always expected to meet other people’s expectations: to go to school, finish school, find a job, etc. It was a life of rules and conformity. Somehow, turning 25 makes me feel that I have paid my dues and that I am now entitled to make my own choices and be the master of my own fate. 

Speaking of fate, I want to make the next five years of my life fruitful as possible. So, I made a bucket list that I'd like to accomplish before I turn 30 (yikes!).

◻︎ Publish a book or ebook.

☑ Pursue a career in design.

◻︎ Set up my own business.

◻︎ Become a legit professional blogger.

◻︎ Get featured on TV/print for being me. 

◻︎ Experience real snow. Seriously.

☑ Go on a cross-country adventure in Europe.

◻︎ See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) with my boyfriend.

☑ Live in another country.

◻︎ Learn how to cook because, duh, I’m 25.

◻︎ Learn how to speak Basic Japanese or French.

◻︎ Lose the belly fat. 

What do you want to accomplish in the next five years?

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