Keratin Lash Lift Experience with Skin House


I’ve always wanted longer and thicker lashes because I know they can instantly make my eyes pop! I have tried eyelash extensions in the past but the thing is, they are so hard to maintain and I don’t like how my eye itches when you accidentally put water around the area. If there’s any alternative that can produce a similar result, then I’m definitely down to try it. So when Skin House approached me to try some of their services and I instantly knew that I wanted to try the Keratin Lash Lift

A keratin lash lift is often described as a “perm for your lashes” and unlike lash extensions, this treatment is actually good for your eyelashes because it contains keratin — a protein that strengthens and fills the gap in your hair follicles.


The Skin House Clinic

The clinic is conveniently located at the second floor of Pioneer Centre, right beside Anytime Fitness Center.

The thing you will immediately notice is how the clinic is tastefully decorated: a relaxing hues of blue and cream. One would think the client was made based on the millennial’s obsession for anything Instagram worthy. I just love it!


The Process of the Keratin Lash Lift

As always, hygiene is important so the first thing that my skin technician/therapist did was clean the eye are throughly. This was followed by a series of tapes to secure that my eyes won’t unknowingly open itself while getting my lashes “lifted” and avoid any possible irritation.

After getting my lashes lifted, the next step was the tinting. This is where my face started to look weird because they had to put some black gunk around the eye area. This process is called tinting, so that my lashes will look darker and fuller.

During this time, you can either take a quick nap or have a chit-chat with your therapist about your day. In our case, we ended up discussing about my newly-found love life. Time seemed to pass by this way. In fact, I like that the treatment lasted for almost an hour with zero downtime, so busy ladies can just pop right in and get their lashes done during their lunch breaks. 


Cringing at the poor quality of the Before photo, but you can noticed that my lashes before the treatment is less darker and not as upright like the one on the right.

What’s The Verdict?

The treatment is great but has minimal effect on shorter lashes, but even then, I did notice results from the treatment because mine looks more open and accentuated.

If you have natural short lashes like I do, I would recommend investing in a growth serum like castor oil before getting a lash lift so you would get your money’s worth. But for people who are blessed with longer lashes and are looking for alternatives to quit lash extensions, this treatment is for you.

Another thing that I also noticed is that there was no level of discomfort during the treatment. I didn’t feel any no itching, irritation, or whatsoever all throughout.


Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic

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