Strip Manila Laser Hair Removal Review (First Session)

I'm one of the "lucky" few who was born balbon (hairy). I have hair everywhere... and I mean everywhere. One of the things that drive me crazy is my girlstache — they look unattractive on my face. I've tried threading and waxing, and while they're great, I just find them too painful because the face is one of the sensitive parts of our body. I've recently learned that as you get older, you'll see more hair on your face! Huhu. :( I no longer want to deal with ugly stache; I decided to sign up for Strip Manila's latest laser hair removal treatment called Strip ICE.

Note: This is my third time to try laser hair removal for the underarms, so for the purpose of this review, I am only going to focus on the upper lip.

Laser Hair Removal | Strip: Ministry of Waxing

Strip Manila Experience

My first session happened last February 1st at Strip SM Megamall. I have been to this branch several times in the past, usually for their delectable hot wax, and it's always a fun experience. This time was no different. The staff, as usual, was very nice and accommodating. They also didn't mind if I was taking my sweet time taking photos of the place either.

My therapist, Jane, welcomed and ushered me the treatment room. I'm typically shy and quiet when it comes to these things, but Jane made me feel at ease and comfortable. We had loads of laugh throughout the procedure.

Ever since I could remember, Strip has always put hygiene first (in fact, it's one of their mantras!), so when we started, Jane cleaned the treatment area first. Then she placed goggles on me, to protect my eyes from the laser. Once my eyes are guaranteed safe from harm's way, she applied a cooling gel to alleviate any pain I might feel. Although laser treatments rarely hurt, some people with a low pain tolerance might feel a 'flicking or snapping sensation' during the procedure. This feeling happens when hair is too thick. You can tell your therapist to add more of the cooling gel for that touch of comfort.

After the laser treatment, Jane cleaned the area and applied the Strip's post-treatment product called the Ice Cream. She gave me pointers that I need to remember, such as not washing the treated area for at least 24 hours and so on.  She also gave me a small foldable guide, in case I forget.

Laser Hair Removal | Strip: Ministry of Waxing

Photos were taken an hour before the treatment (Feb 1 vs. March 11)

Post-Treatment Thoughts

It's still too early to say, but within the six weeks after my first treatment, I noticed that the regrowth is significantly slower and softer in texture. As of writing, I've already consumed two out of six sessions. I had my second session last week, and I'm continuously observing the hair growth. Hopefully; I'll be a step closer to being hair-free as we progress further with the treatment.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with my experience with the Strip ICE. The staff was not only accommodating but knowledgeable at what they do. I love that they're very maalaga and puts hygiene as an utmost priority.

If you're wondering what's happening inside the treatment room, I also made a quick vlog about the experience that you can watch below. Enjoy!

Laser Hair Removal | Strip: Ministry of Waxing

Strip: Ministry of Manila is located at three locations: Serendra, SM Megamall, and SM Mall of Asia.
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