Canon G7X Review

I’ve always been a believer of the saying that "It's not the camera, but who's behind the camera, that matter." However, the features and capabilities of a camera do offer a degree of convenience and an opportunity for a photographer to open a whole new world of possibilities. To me, the Canon Powershot G7X , or Canon G7X, may be the digital camera that offers just that.


What I Love About The Canon G7X

  • Whenever I’m unsure of which camera to get, I often go to YouTube for reviews because 90% of the time, vloggers add sample clips. After doing a generous amount of research and video watching, A LOT of YouTube vloggers claim that the Canon G7X is one of the best vlogging cameras in the market today. To test the claim, I recorded the video above in a park outside Changdeokgung Palace, right beside a busy road. You can hear the sound of the surroundings, but my voice was also loud enough for the camera to pick up. I think that's what I like about this camera, you don't need an audio jack to record videos (although having one is supposed to improve its quality).
  • The smart auto-focus of Canon got me sold, as it’s able to detect my face in most occasions. If the camera couldn’t detect my face, it's either because I’m standing too close or moving too much, but a simple tap on the touchscreen will fix the focus.
  • The camera comes in a very compact body with a selfie-friendly tilting LCD screen. It also boasts a 20.2-megapixel.
  • Wi-fi connectivity for both photos and videos. It can also read images that were taken with the Fujifilm X-M1 — The X-M1 couldn’t do this; the images taken with the G7X was a big blur. :(
  • The G7X comes with several features that any casual photographer might love. I love the Background Defocus because it blurs out everything except for my face. In fact, the "At 27, I Celebrate Life” blog post was taken with that feature!
  • Just like the Fujifilm X-M1, the G7X has the ability to shoot RAW. The special features, however, are only applicable if photos are captured as JPEG.
  • The Canon G7X comes with a sweet aperture of 1.8!
  • Although I wasn’t able to try this feature for myself because Seoul is too bright and hazy at night, Canon claimed that this camera has the ability to capture the stars.

What I Don't Love About The Canon G7X

  • The colors of the images look a little bit dull when I look on the LCD? But that’s just what I think. I don’t know. Maybe something’s wrong with my eyes.
  • The struggle to take selfies and still be able to see the background.
  • No electronic viewfinder which shortens the battery life.
  • No external mic jack for better audio quality. :(

I absolutely love this camera and I highly recommend it, but is it worth the purchase?

If you’re looking for a lightweight and stylish camera to use for self-portraits and video blogging, then yes, this camera is worth the purchase. I love using this camera because it was 1) selfie-friendly, 2) so light, and 3) fits in my handbag! As a lifestyle blogger, this camera is more than sufficient to capture all the flatlay and events I go to, and I would use this as my default vlogging camera during my travels.

But why am I not buying it? At the time of writing, I was more keen on getting a mirrorless camera, particularly the Canon EOS M10, to serve as a backup camera + vlogging purposes.

This is not a sponsored post.