On Overcoming The Judgment Of Others

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Earlier today, I was browsing Instagram when I stumbled upon Camille Co's video teaser on overcoming her fears and insecurities. I rarely visit the blogs of local bloggers nowadays, but the teaser was so moving and relatable that I went ahead and looked for the full clip on YouTube. You can watch the full video here.

Every word uttered on the video resonates with me, both as a person and as a blogger. If you know me well enough in person, then you would know that I'm very open and honest about my thoughts and feelings. Online, on the other hand, is very different. For many years, I have tried my best keep my life private because I was afraid of being judged online and I thought I'll be safer if I refuse myself to open up to my readers. I was afraid of being vulnerable. But I was wrong. No matter how private I want myself to be, how carefully curated my social media posts are, someone out there will always have something nasty to say and their words are enough to engulf myself in self-doubt. 

"Am I not good enough?"

Thankfully, I'm fortunate enough to be in the company of positive and encouraging people. It was through them that I learned that the words of internet trolls and haters do not define who I am. Internet trolls will say whatever they want in order to hurt me and bring me down, but at the end of the day, their words are a mere reflection of their character and insecurities. More importantly, constructive criticism is crucial to self-improvement, but the words from spiteful trolls and vindictive spirits will never ever help me grow, become happier, or be better. 

I know I am not perfect. I make mistakes and wrong decisions. I have my own set of flaws and insecurities. Like you, I will always be a work in progress. And I will not let the judgment of others and my own set of fears stop me from doing the things I love and enjoy.

You only live once. Make the most out of it. 

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