The Perks of Traveling with Your Partner

You think you know someone, but you don’t. Not until you’ve to travel or lived with them at least. Do you agree with this quote? Because I do! Traveling is a great opportunity for couples to get to know much better, create memories, and form a stronger bond. But aside from that, traveling with your partner just brings so much fun, love, and happiness! Taking a vacation is great for your well-being and to your relationship with one another.

Here are some of the perks of traveling together:

1. You'll discover their little quirks and habits.

Is he a neat-freak? Or a total slob? Does he leave the toilet seat up? Does she collect all the unused hotel toiletries in the room? You know, the little things you may not have noticed before. Traveling with them will allow you to discover and look closely at their habits, routine, and quirks. Can you tolerate and accept these habits or will it drive you mad?

JP and I have our own set of quirks and habits. If one of us doesn't like something, we'll let the other person know. But most of the time, we embrace and laugh at each other's traits wholeheartedly then jokingly question ourselves why we're together in the first place.

2. Someone will look out for you and take care of you.

"When you’re out there in a foreign land, and all you’ve got is your partner to rely on, that’s when trust really comes into place. You just gotta have faith and trust that both you and your partner will always keep a look out for each other." — Sunrise Odyssey

If there's one thing you need to know about JP is that he has always been there for me, way before we even became a couple. He was there for me when I didn't have anything when I was an emotional trainwreck, and when I was lost and confused. And you know what? It feels incredibly nice to know I have someone I can count on. We're a team.

3. How well they handle the situation.

"You will go through many intense ups and downs in life, so it is important to see how a person reacts to them. Travel can bring this out quickly." — Notes from Nomads

While JP and I are lucky not to face any life-threatening situation during our travels, I do believe that planning and traveling to an unfamiliar territory, getting lost in different languages and cultures can definitely put one's patience to the test. You'll figure out very quickly how strong your love for one another is. Pro Tip: When you're on the verge of killing each other while traveling, be quiet. Cool down.

4. You learn to overcome your fears

"But knowing I was there to comfort her and help her out kept her calm until she got back to the surface. It, of course, didn’t stop me from carrying on afterward and having an awesome adventure either!" — Four Jandals

We all have fears. I certainly have a lot of them, but I feel courageous to overcome them when I know he's by my side. I've tried and eaten a lot of things I've never done and tasted before, and that's all because of JP. The photo above is an example — I was crying minutes before this photo was taken. I was having an anxiety attack because we were going to parasail. Flying 200m above the deep, blue sea for the first time, who wouldn't be scared? But when I saw him having so much fun, I gathered all of my courage and tried again.

I was able to overcome my fear and he has a souvenir of me crying. Epic.

4. Cheaper, cheaper and cheaper!

When you travel together, you only pay 50% of everything. Tour packages, hotel bookings, and activities are also cheaper. But more importantly, traveling together teaches you and your partner how to compromise and handle money.

5. It's the best thing in the world  to travel with the person you love!

I have traveled with my family, with his family, with a group of friends and my own. Each of the trips I've had with these people and with myself were memorable and awesome in their own right. But witnessing the wonders of the world, watching the sunsets and sunrise and experiencing new things with your significant other is definitely 10x romantic and simply unforgettable.

Do you believe couples should travel or live together first before getting married? What have you learned during your travels with your partner?