Why I Moved To Squarespace

In July 2016, I made the decision to move KISTY.NET to Squarespace and bought LETSGOWANDER.NET for my WordPress blog. I did this because I wanted KISTY.NET to focus on my portfolio - the work I have done in the three months I was in London - and LETSGOWANDER.NET to highlight my travels. For a while, I felt I've made the right decision and my OC tendencies were satisfied. However, managing two blogs and several social media accounts is tedious job. 

Why am I doing this just now?

I have expressed my thoughts and hesitation to move to Squarespace for several months now. Squarespace and WordPress are great platforms; they both have their own pros and cons. What makes moving so hard is the fact that I will need to let go of the things that I love about the other platform. I can't have the cake and eat it too. 

Then in March 2017, my boyfriend, JP, and I had a discussion about our current web host. He wants to move his content to IBM Bluemix or somewhere else that can support his passion in programming. This became a concern for me because JP and I have been sharing web host for more than two years now, and he's the one who is paying for the web host since he's consuming most of its resources. His move to another host/server means I will have to shoulder the expense our current web host of $100/yearly.

Keeping the cost down

$100 sounds reasonable, right? It is... if that's the only bill I have to pay for. Unfortunately, I'm also paying a yearly fee of $144 (or $216 if I upgrade) for Squarespace and $40 for existing domains*... and when you put that all together, that's a lot of money! If I want to keep the cost down, the best thing to do is to pick one platform. 

Less maintenance, fewer tweaks

I love WordPress to the core. I love that it's flexible and highly customizable, but I noticed that I spend more time tweaking my website than writing. With Squarespace, I no longer need to deal with the technicalities, no more tweaking, and noodling, and I can just focus on creating high-quality content.

Squarespace handles everything for you

One thing I love about Squarespace is that it handles everything for me - maintenance, upgrades, security, and back-up. They even have an amazing 24/7 customer support that will answer any of your questions. SSL certification is also included, automatically making your website secured from hackers and malicious traffic.

An opportunity for brand growth

From the name itself, you'll instantly get the impression that LETSGOWANDER.NET is all about travel. While KISTY.NET is a vanity URL; it's not tied down to any particular niche. It's versatile and I am free to do whatever I want with it. I am not restricted to one career, one niche, or style. 

Overall, I'm happier with Squarespace!

I have been with Squarespace for more than six months now and I'm really happy with their service. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to create a website, online store, portfolio, or blog. Squarespace is intuitive, easy to use, and beautifully designed. Best of all, no coding required! 

Planning to make the switch?

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