Why You Should Keep A Journal With The SBC 2018 Dream Journal

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As 2017 ends, we reflect on the things we have achieved this year and set bigger expectations for 2018. We often look for ways to be more creative and productive in our time for the coming year. We pursue creativity in different ways, but if you’re like me, you probably like to write things down to help organize your thoughts and creative endeavors in a cute, classy journal.

Keeping a journal also has other benefits. According to an article from Huffington Post, “journaling brings you into that state of mindfulness.” It also teaches you self-discipline because in this busy digital age, setting a time to write is an act of discipline - something that I should do more often! 

1. A journal keeps us organized

Creativity is often messy and comes out of nowhere. I sometimes have days where an idea strike and I just need to write it down to keep the momentum. Keeping a journal also helps me turn this raw idea into something realistic by setting plans and milestones.

2. A journal keeps us in touch with ourselves

When times are rough, I need to disconnect and shut down. And when it gets too much? I need to pour all of my thoughts, frustrations, anxieties, and fears somewhere. The safest way is through a journal - where you are free to say anything you want without hurting or screaming at anyone. I also think there is something personal about writing all of what I am feeling, without the fear of judgment or consequences. 

3. A journal turns us into a storyteller

I have a friend who insists that she is not a great writer. I don't believe her because she is a great storyteller and her blog is proof. She said that she likes to write about her day; documenting every bit of her raw emotions in a journal and that what made her into the storyteller that she is today. 

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One of the journals that have recently caught my attention is the 2018 Dream Journal from Seattle’s Best Coffee. This classy journal is redesigned to journey with you as you create and experience your grandest year to date. Aside from beautiful lined and unlined pages, this tasteful journal also features 12 of the best entries from a photography competition held by SBC in partnership with the Federation of the Philippine Photographers Foundation and Fujifilm Philippines. The journal also came with free wi-fi vouchers, food and drinks discount, stickers, and a gorgeous postcard set of Seattle! The free wi-fi voucher is, of course, the most important freebie of all because I have more reasons to work outside of my own home. Ha ha ha #workfromhome problems.

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So, what are you waiting for? Head to the nearest SBC branch to collect all 18 stickers to get your own 2018 Dream Journal! The journal is available in four colors: black, red, blue, and orange. 


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