How I Curl My Hair

Things are going to be really busy when April comes, so my agenda as early as now is to clear out all of my backlogs. I have several trips, photos, articles, tutorials, and what have you from the past year and it’ll be a waste not to share them with you. So, for Operation: Abyss of Cyberland (I made that term up, lol!), I’m starting off with this photo tutorial that I made when I still had blue-green hair.

If you want healthy hair, you need to stay away from heating styling tools. But if you’ve got bleached hair, styling your hair is a must because the stripped, albeit natural, version of your hair becomes frizzy and unmanageable. :( So, here’s how I curled my hair most of the time:

Step 01: Protect your tresses. I like to spritz on some heat protection to my hair before exposing it to the high heat caused by a hair iron. I genuinely have no idea if heat protectants work, but it’s nice to have one anyway.

Step 02: Divided your hair into sections. Irons and curlers don’t work with a thick section of hair.

Step 03: Take a section of your hair and iron it. See the pink arrow? Follow that direction when curling your hair.

Step 04: Repeat Step #3 for every section.

The temperature of your hair iron also makes a difference. Your hair curls better with higher heat temperature, but given that my hair’s bleached, I had to settle with the lowest heat possible (120°C).

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