17 Goals Before 30

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Goals Before 30

Exactly two months from now, I’ll be another year older. How crazy is that? There are days I’m totally and completely comfortable with the idea of getting older because age is just a number and I’m pretty darn grateful that I’ve made it this far (and to look younger than my age). Then there are days where I get anxious at the achievements and success or the lack thereof in my life. I’m not the type of person who gets easily insecure of other people’s achievements, yet whenever I see their dreams turn into realities, I couldn’t help but feel like I’ve wasted half of my 20-something years, the best years of my life… Those are the days I fail to see my own capacity and ability to do great. It happens, it’s okay. But after a moment of wallowing in sadness, I took this as a reason not to waste any second longer. 

One of the things I do is I review my list of goals and revised them if needed. Originally, my goals were listed by year, much like a to-do list. This method is great but I realize that I simply don’t work that way. I can’t work well under the pressure of a very specific deadline looming over my head. So, I updated my goals, put more freedom on which I want to pursue first, and added a single but very specific deadline to it: before I turn 30. 
Here are the 17 things I want to do before I turn 30:

  1. Write and publish a book
  2. Host a blog meet-up or webinar, or do both.
  3. Limit my clothing to 50 pieces or less.
  4. Live and work in Europe
  5. Go on a month-long road trip to the USA with JP
  6. Live, work or visit in Tokyo, Japan
  7. Visit Australia
  8. Take a cruise to Antartica
  9. Attend a big blogging conference, particularly the Alt Summit or TBEX.
  10. Speak at a blogging event… and be actually confident about it.
  11. Create an online course or workbook
  12. Be physically fit. No more flabs.
  13. Become a professional graphic designer.
  14. Become a legit travel writer and get my works published in travel books & magazines.
  15. Learn how to cook. Perfect at least 3-5 dishes.
  16. Make my own clothes
  17. Travel more within the Philippines, specifically in the Visayas region since I’ve seen most of Luzon.

17 things that I need to accomplish all these in four years… It sounds pretty doable, right? These goals are also in lined with my new set of plans which I’ve recently decided to pursue— To live and study in London next year! The course won’t start ’til April, but I’m already preparing myself so I won’t be utterly poor after. Wish me luck!

P.S. After writing this post, I stumbled upon this link and I thought I should share it as well:
10 Things To Do Before 30

5 Facts About Me + HairVentures

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Kisty Mea's Hair Adventures

I was cleaning up my iCloud Photos last week when I found these photos of me facing away from the camera. I called these photos HairVentures, a mini-project I did on Instagram earlier this year. Although back facing portraits aren’t new ideas, I thought it’ll be cool to document the different hues of my hair along with the places I’ve been. The collage features Boracay, Baguio, Jeju Island, and several places in Ilocos.

Anyway, browsing old photos made me introspective. I’ve seen so many places in a span of 2-3 years, which is great for experience and for my blog’s content, but I also noticed that I hardly ever write about myself. Truth is, one of my biggest blogging struggle is how not to be uncomfortable when sharing my personal life. So, I thought I should take a break from all that travel guides and spend some quality time in trying to overcome my fears, one post at a time. 

To start, I’ll write 5 facts about me.

  1. The first contest I’ve ever won is a trip to L.A. The first travel contest I’ve ever won was a trip to Los Angeles to watch Nelly perform live. Unfortunately, I was a minor and I couldn’t go, so Globe gave me 50K cash instead. The funny thing is, I don’t even remember joining. The only Nelly-related thing I’ve done with my phone is download one his songs, either to be used as a ringtone or ringback. 
  2. My first visa application (to Japan) was denied. Yes, it was heartbreaking but I also took that as a blessing in disguise. If it wasn’t for the visa denial, then my mom would never have believe me that there’s a discrepancy in my birth certificate. 
  3. If I were given a chance to visit one European city and die the day after, I pick London. Years before Big Blog Exchange happened, I’ve always been very vocal on how much I wanted to visit London. To win a contest this big and be able to visit your dream city automatically makes the #BigBlogX competition very memorable to me. 
  4. I have a yearly travel goal: 1 International + 2 Domestic. I used to have this thinking that I should travel the rest of the world first, before my own country. I was simply complacent with the fact that the Philippines will always be there, waiting for me. But I realize that my reasoning is so, so wrong and I was simply taking the Philippines for granted. If you can afford a 6-figure trip to a first world country, what’s stopping you to visit other places in the Philippines? 
  5. If you want something in life you have to will it. I’m lucky that some of my travels are sponsored. While, the ones I do pay for is a result of my desire to turn goals into realities. Japan, for example, was an impulsive trip my boyfriend and I made. He paid for the airfare, I paid for our Airbnb. We had no plans or whatsoever, which is wrong, but JP and I are both alike — when we want something so bad, we will focus all of our energies and resources to achieve it. That reminds me, JP once described me as a risk-taker, an all-or-nothing gal. :) 

Lol, forgive me if the facts are still very much travel related. It’s a good topic to start if I want to share anything about my personal life because travel excites my spirit more than anything. I light up when I talk about travel and it’s a topic I can share without feeling any remorse or uneasiness. :)

And because I also want to get to know you guys, feel free to answer the questions below on the comments section. :)

  1. What’s the first contest you’ve ever won?
  2. Were you denied of something before (ex. college, job, visa application)? What did you learn from that experience?
  3. If you were given a chance to pick a European country, it would be?
  4. What are your yearly travel goal? Doesn’t have to be travel-related.
  5. What’s your life motto?

Exploring Japan: Where To Buy Art Supplies in Tokyo?

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Exploring Japan - Art Supplies in Tokyo

Overwhelming but fun, that’s how I would describe our shopping experience in Tokyo. JP and I both wanted Tokyo to surprise us and the busy metropolis did not disappoint. Aside from the wonderful attractions and sights, we were floored at the stores that were exclusive to our interest. Whenever we go abroad, JP will spend his free time visiting guitar shops while I spend an hour making trivial choices at the country’s local art supply store. Tokyo made it even harder for us. Just imagine this: Seven floors of art-related (or in JP’s case, music-related) things, with each floor having their own designation.

How can one person shop without flailing so hard?   Continue Reading

Exploring Japan: Tokyo DisneySea

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Exploring Japan - Tokyo Disney Sea

There are two Disney theme parks in Japan: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. The former follow the concept of a traditional Disneyland resort that you can see in Hong Kong, Paris and Florida; while the latter can only be found in Japan. In terms of the attractions, I think Disneyland is more family-oriented and feels more magical than DisneySea. The rides in Disneyland are also more focused on children than teens or young adults. DisneySea, on the other hand, seems to offer more thrilling rides and a very popular date place for couples and friends. Since we can only include one park in our itinerary, we opted to visit Tokyo DisneySea simply because it’s a one-of-a-kind attraction. Continue Reading

How To Travel Around Japan: Types of JR Passes

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Exploring Japan - Types of JR Passes

There are various types of trains in Japan and although they are very efficient and fast, it’s may overwhelm first-time travelers to the country. Since I’ve only been to Tokyo and to Japan once, I don’t have first-hand experiences with all these passes. I only took bits of information from all the brochures I’ve collected hoarded. I can, however, only assume that all passes work exactly the same way but cover different areas.

P.S. I love, love, love collecting travel brochures!

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