Awkward Travel Situations and How to Handle Them

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Awkward Travel Situations and How To Handle Them

Somehow, whenever I’m in a new country, I have this slight fear of disrespecting the locals. After all, I am visiting THEIR country and the last thing I want is to disobey their rules, cultures, and norms. For example, Thailand find it disgraceful if you touch anyone on the head, while you can go to jail for bringing gum in Singapore. These are just tiny details that can lead to unforeseen, embarrassing, and humiliating travel experiences.

Here are some of the awkward travel situations I’ve experienced and how (I think) to handle them: Continue Reading

Exploring Europe: Vatican City

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Kisty Travels To Vatican City

It’s been more than a year since my family and I went to Europe for a two-week cross-country adventure. My Eurotrip photos should’ve been uploaded sooner, but my Macbook Air’s SSD got corrupted the very next day I was done post-processing my Italy and Switzerland photos. Imagine waking up the next day, turning on your laptop and see a missing folder icon blinking on the screen. It was so heartbreaking and I still get sad thinking about it. Fortunately, I’ve managed to capture some photos on my iPhone. I also got Europe plans with my boyfriend next year and we plan to visit all of these places together! :) Continue Reading

On Embracing My Body and Flaws

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Kisty Mea for Nothing But H2O

“To post or not to post?” That is the question playing inside my head.

Truth be told, I can get very insecure about my body. I don’t have a thigh gap, the fats in my belly make me look I’m pregnant, and I have a height of a munchkin. I find my flabs gross and I firmly believe that they need to go away, but losing body fat is a struggle. I don’t/can’t enjoy working out — no matter how hard I try — and the food I eat are not entirely healthy or too good to be consumed in moderation. Losing body fat would mean a drastic lifestyle change and that is easier said than done. Given all this and how harsh the online world can be, uploading a portrait of myself in a swimsuit puts me a vulnerable position. After all, I don’t fit the “consensus” idea of beautiful and when you post something that doesn’t fall under the “norm”, you become an easy target for criticism and insults. Continue Reading

For The Road Less Traveled: 5 Places in Europe That Will Take Your Breath Away

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5 Places In Europe To Take Your Breath Away

I have plans to go back to Europe next year and although nothing is set on stone yet, I’m already planning an itinerary. Anyway, I was asked if I could publish this article on my blog. I reviewed it and thought it’s a great fit — not only for my personal plans but also to those who are planning to embark on a Eurotrip soon. Hope you find this article as useful as I do! I now have more places, hopefully, less touristy to add in my itinerary. Continue Reading

Explore Europe: Amsterdam

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Explore Amsterdam

We only had a day and a half to explore Netherlands, so everything is practically much a blur. We rode a HOHO bus to explore the heart of Amsterdam, then hired a private car to take us to Zaanse Schans and Volendam. We didn’t get to enter the Rijksmuseum because of the lack of time, but we were lucky enough to skip the queue and visit Anne Frank’s House without scoring any advance bookings or tickets.

We also went to the Red Light District, just to see what’s the scene like. The scene goes something like this: Naked ladies were by modeling against a glass door. There’ll be at least three ladies at a time per building, and all you have to do is open the door then pay up. Simple, straightforward and best of all, legal. Just don’t take photos of the ladies because that’s a huge no-no and you could go to jail for it. There are also clubs that allows you to watch live sex (at least that’s what I saw on the signage) and sex-related museums, but that’s too awkward to visit during a family-oriented trip. Haha!

Anyway, here are some of the photos during our trip: Continue Reading