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Of all the pieces of clothing you will wear during your travels, your footwear will be the most important. Traveling often means tons of walking and in order for you to enjoy all that, your footwear has to be comfortable and, of course, stylish.

I’ve had my fair share of footwear mishaps. One time, I went to Hong Kong wearing this cute pair of wedges and I was quietly screaming in pain as I walk uphill and downhill. Then in Boracay, I had difficulty walking in my flip flops that I had to buy another one which cost 2x more. These mishaps, as embarrassing and funny as they are, have taught me the value of comfort over style.

Since I’m going to travel in a couple of weeks, I thought I’ll do a quick write-up about what I wear whenever I travel. What I pack will greatly depend on the destination I’ll be heading, but I refrain from bringing more than two shoes.

Reef Dew Kist 2 |

For beach and loungewear: I’ll settle for a pair of cute but versatile flip-flops or sandals.

For every day wear: I’ll definitely wear a pair of comfy (and cute) sneakers or slip-ons. Luckily, there are thousands of stylish sneakers and slip-ons available. While I was writing this entry, I saw this cute pair on and it’s called REEF DEW KIST 2. The shoes (on the left) were named after me and is also available in my size, so I’m taking that a sign from the Universe that I must have it! Haha!

For something a little bit formal: A pair of black flats or sandals would do the trick. Since I have to travel light, bringing heels is out of the question (and also, they hurt after a couple of hours). I think black flats are versatile and comfortable but can retain that elegant touch.

Reef Clothing and Footwear

Speaking of Reef sandals, I went to the mall the other day to check them out and I found out that almost all of their shoes have a mattress-inspired footbed with arch support. I thought that was interesting because if you’ll be walking for long hours, you can definitely use the extra cushion. But more importantly, they’re cute and casual for everyday wear or activewear!

Question: What do you usually wear when you travel?

Reef Clothing and Footwear

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Reef. All opinions are my own.


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