Beauty Spotlight: Innisfree

This article has been sitting quietly in my drafts for almost a year now. I updated this article a few days ago, but I guess I wasn’t able to save it (screw you, internet!) as I’m seeing the old write-up. :(  

If you’re a big fan of Lee Min Ho or Girls Generation’s Yoona, you might have heard of Innisfree since they’re the main endorsers of this spectacular beauty brand. As for me, I’ve only heard about Innisfree last December when I was in Macau and was interested in trying organic Korean beauty products. Innisfree was the first one that appeared on searches as it is South Korea’s first all-natural and organic brand. The brand also received great reviews from MakeupAlley, /r/AsianBeauty and other beauty communities. As a result, Innisfree was my #1 shopping priority when I had the opportunity to visit South Korea last year.

Here are the things that I bought from Innisfree and my thoughts about each product:

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How I Curl My Hair

Things are going to be really busy when April comes, so my agenda as early as now is to clear out all of my backlogs. I have several trips, photos, articles, tutorials, and what have you from the past year and it’ll be a waste not to share them with you. So, for Operation: Abyss of Cyberland (I made that term up, lol!), I’m starting off with this photo tutorial that I made when I still had blue-green hair.

If you want healthy hair, you need to stay away from heating styling tools. But if you’ve got bleached hair, styling your hair is a must because the stripped, albeit natural, version of your hair becomes frizzy and unmanageable. :( So, here’s how I curled my hair most of the time:

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January In A Nutshell

2016, so far, has been all about…

Living on my own now. Sort of.
JP visiting me for a weekend because I miss him.
Trying to be healthy. I seldom eat rice now. Am I losing any weight? No idea.
Netflix is making me counter-productive.
Graphika Manila 2016. It’s my first time to attend GM and I didn’t expect the conference to be so much fun!
Flying to Iloilo for our annual anniversary getaway.
HOLY CRAP. 7 years as a couple.
Attending events, struggling to keep up with the press release, and all that so-called “perks” that comes with blogging.
I have a blog workshop on the 20th. Details to be posted soon.
U.K. VISA APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!
…and a new theme.