Jeju Island, South Korea // 03

Jeju Island, South Korea

Our third day in Jeju was blessed with a little bit of sunshine. This was exciting news for me because we’re scheduled to see the flowers that day. If you knew me, you’d know that I love flowers! I wish I picked a few petals to keep in my travel keepsake, but I feel bad for picking flowers. Aside from the beautiful flowers, we also made a quick visit to the Seongeup Folk Village to get an idea what Jeju Island used to before it was modernized.After a hearty lunch filled with unlimited banchan, we trek the famous

After a hearty lunch filled with unlimited banchan, we trek the famous Seongsan Ilchulbong, also called ‘Sunrise Peak’. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was formed about 5,000 years ago due to a hydrovolcanic activity. They called it Sunrise Peak because watching the sunrise (or sunset) on top is said to be a sight to behold. Going to the peak is like a game — it gets harder as you reach the top. Harder, I mean steeper stairs. This tuff cone is 182 meters high, but we’ve made it! Note: Not for the faint of heart and may drain your battery.

We went to Aqua Planet to visit the creatures of the sea. Like other aquariums, they also have their own water shows but the performers were speaking in Korean. They also have a mermaid show which, quite frankly, didn’t make a mark on me. :( Still, the aquarium is massive and kids will surely enjoy it.

Before having dinner and going home, Sunny took us to a local market to buy souvenirs for our loved ones. My camera’s battery finally gave up on me, so I don’t have any pictures, but it’s an open market with a WORKING public wi-fi! Oh, and they also accept credit cards!

Overall, it was a crazy fun day for all of us! And I took A LOT of photos, despite my camera died during the trip. I’ll let do the photos do the taking:
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Jeju Island, South Korea // 02

Jeju Island, South Korea

The next day, I woke up around 7AM South Korea time (that’s 6AM Manila time). According to my weather app, it’s 8˚C outside. With that kind of weather, who doesn’t want to sleep in longer? But I forced my sleepy butt because we’re exploring Jeju Island that day! YAY!Read More

Jeju Island, South Korea // 01

Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju Island, 455 km. from Seoul, is a masterpiece of nature. Created by a volcanic eruption ages ago, the only Special Self-governing province of South Korea is a popular tourist destination for families and young couples, mostly from mainland locals, China, and Japan. Thankfully, Rakso Travel has opened a gateway for Filipinos to experience a piece of Korea without the stress of getting a tourist visa.

The adventure began on April 5th, Easter Sunday — the first day of our 4-day trip. Upon arriving at NAIA Terminal 2, I noticed the crowd at the airport. Most of them were carrying an OEC in their hands, they’re OFWs returning to their work country. More than a year ago, I was one of these people and I knew the bittersweet feeling of traveling. Airports can quietly elicit various range of emotions.

Moving on, I went through the usual check-in and immigration queues. As always, I roamed around, bought some snacks to eat in case I get hungry during our tours (Mamon from Goldilocks, lol) and find a peaceful spot near my gate. We’re expected to leave at around 11:30AM but given the volume of travelers leaving Manila that day, our flight got delayed.Read More