How I Pack My Travel Essentials with Cabin Zero

I always carry a backpack whenever I travel because it keeps all of my valuables in one place and provides hands-free convenience. Backpacks can be stowed underneath the seat in front of me during my flight, allowing me to access my things and to disembark the plane as quickly as I could. But finding a backpack that's comfortable, can fit all of my stuff, and remain stylish has always been a problem. The majority of the bags in the market are either too big, bulky, or dull for my taste; and my previous bag, albeit stylish, was not very comfortable and spacious to carry around. Then the British brand, Cabin Zero, reached out and asked if I was interested trying out their products. I'm very picky with travel backpacks but what immediately drew me into saying "yes" for the product review was the design. The look of the bag was different from the typical "wilderness" pack I see in the market. The stylish, fun colors and minimalist feel felt like the bags were design specifically for urbanites who has a penchant for traveling (that's us!).

My Travel Essentials

Cabin Zero Bag
Cabin Zero Bag

My six-year-old MacBook Pro, a makeup kit that contains all of my beauty-related things, a tub of Vaseline petroleum jelly to treat dry lips and skin, sunglasses, Winsor & Newton watercolor palette and watercolor pad, DW watch, and extra pouches. 

Cabin Zero Bag

A foldable laundry bag, power extension, Gorillapod, travel adapter, power bank, computer pouch bag (contains my external HD, earphones, and memory card reader), cameras and chargers, Midori travel journal, chargers, coin purse that holds my credit cards and money.

Compartmentalize your things when you pack!

I organize my stuff based on how I use them. I put all of my cameras and chargers in one pouch while storing my external hard disk and memory card reader in another pouch. This trick is super useful because I don't have to dump all of the contents out of my bag whenever I'm looking for something. I just need to identify which pouch I need and take it out of the bag!

Cabin Zero Bag
Cabin Zero Bag

It's has a luggage tracker!

An interesting selling point is the luggage tracker. Every Cabin Zero product comes with an Okoban luggage tracker, a feature that protects your products if ever you lose your bag. Losing your backpack seems highly unlikely to happen, but you'll never know!

The bag is comfortable to carry!

Given the amount of items I put in my backpack, I already expected the bag to be heavy, but it did not cause any mild back pain. The thick padded shoulder straps not only protected my underarms, but it also provided comfort as I carry the bag around.

The bag is so spacious!

The first thing I noticed is how massively spacious the bag is! I'm surprised that it was able to fit all of my essentials: the electronic gadgets, my watercolor set, a packing cube full of clothes, and still have room to add more things.

The amount of space I can utilize to pack my stuff is essential for budget travelers like you and me. In Europe, budget airlines like Ryan Air and EasyJet have very strict restrictions on luggage. These airlines will allow you to bring one (1) carry-on baggage without any weight limit, provided the bag will not exceed the dimension of the overhead cabin. With Cabin Zero, I don't have to worry about these things because it meets the approved cabin size.


Here's a GIF on how I pack my things inside my 44L Classic Cabin Zero (in Samui) Bag:


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